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  • Comprehensive or specific program audits which can range from travel technology strategy to corporate travel agency best practices and management to program benchmarking. Our professionals are adept at every aspect of corporate travel and provide measurable and actionable advice.

    Corporate Travel Consulting Services include:

  • Across the entire corporate travel supply chain, including travel agency RFP and selection, technology vendors, supplier negotiations and preferred vendors, preferred hotel programs, and expense management solutions.

    A truly optimized corporate travel program utilizes the right mix of technology, agency provider, and suppliers. A one-size-fits-all approach typically results in lost savings opportunities that will go unrealized until every aspect of your corporate travel supply chain is analyzed and optimized. Today, too many companies rely on its biased vendors for important program decisions. KesselRun represents our clients, not vendors. We are experts at Strategic Sourcing – from travel agency to technology vendors to supplier negotiation. Our Strategic Sourcing practice helps to optimize your corporate travel program, helping in any area of your business that touches travel.

    Some of our Strategic Sourcing services include:

    • Travel Agency Selection (RFP)
    • Expense Management Software
    • Meeting Management Software
    • Preferred Air, Car, and Hotel Programs
    • Credit Card or Purchasing Card
    • CTD Sourcing and Development
  • Our certified meeting professionals manage meetings from initial strategy to site selection, online registration, and logistics.

    Corporate meetings and events typically represent 10-25% of a company’s travel spend. In most companies these meetings and events are planned and executed by administrative employees within each business unit or department with no corporate oversight. This decentralized approach lacks accountability and makes leveraging discounts nearly impossible. KesselRun optimizes meeting planning by leveraging existing vendor relationships and by utilizing best practices and technology to mitigate unnecessary expenses that arise from confused logistics, poor planning, or duplication of corporate efforts.

    KesselRun’s Certified Meeting Professionals (CMP) manage meetings from site selection and sourcing to logistical support including registration, communications, and on-site management and planning. Most importantly, our Certified Meeting Professionals are able to tap KesselRun’s most experienced consultants for industry knowledge, best practices around air, car, and hotel procurement, and the benefit of experience from interaction with companies across the country and with varying needs.

    It’s your event/meeting and as such should have your special touch. Our Meeting & Events group work behind the scenes: negotiating room rates, attending to VIPs and managing the logistics of safely and seamlessly moving your travelers to and from their destination.

  • Successful corporate travel programs are constantly managed to ensure vendor, technology, and agency relationships are optimized. Today, many corporate travel programs are not receiving enough attention because internal resources are both time and information starved. The result is that many clients rely on its biased vendors for program direction.

    Our Program Management solution offers a better, faster, and cheaper way to manage our clients’ travel programs. Most importantly, our Program Management services are customized to fit our clients’ needs – from total Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) where our professionals take over the day to day management of your program to more specific involvement reporting directly to your Travel Manager or travel owner.

    Some of our Program Management services include:

    • Full or Part Time On-Site Management Support
    • Off-Site BPO Model
    • Temporary Travel Management Staffing
    • Interim Travel Manager
  • KesselRun Consulting is a GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contract holder (GS-33F0025W) and a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that prides itself on providing high quality solutions for Government Clients and Federal Prime Vendors while streamlining and simplifying orders.

    KesselRun’s Federal Client Services team is dedicated exclusively to those working for or on behalf of our local, state, and federal governments. We recognize that you have specific needs and requirements. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing you with professional management and technical consulting services in support of the E-Gov Travel Service 2.0 (ETS2). Our commitment to providing best in class support includes competitive pricing, rapid response and outstanding service.

    Our consultants leverage years of Commercial and Government travel management experience to provide industry best practices in support of improving customer service and simplifying the Federal travel process. We set as our goals: consolidated data and travel processes; improving Government wide security compliance; minimizing capital improvement and operational/maintenance costs. We focus on consolidating data that is both accurate and actionable to facilitate the Government to strategically source its travel suppliers resulting in an integrated, customer-centric end to end travel environment.

    Some of our Federal Client Services include:

    • Cost Containment Initiatives
    • Financial Modeling
    • Business Case Analysis
    • Gap Analysis
    • Adoption Consulting
    • Benchmarking and Optimization
    • Data Analysis
    • Knowledge Management
    • Scorecard Reporting

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KesselRun Corporate Travel Solutions is a management consulting firm that specializes in developing, managing, and optimizing corporate travel programs. The company was formed by professionals from the travel industry as well as traditional supply chain consultants as a result of growing demand among organizations to put better cost control and optimization metrics around their corporate travel programs. Until recently, businesses had to rely solely on its information starved travel managers, procurement resources, or on its biased vendor relationships. And, while we’ll help answer your most important questions we’ll pose an even more important one:

If your company is like most you spend a lot of money on travel.
But are you getting the most out of your program?

Beyond basic cost savings, can you benchmark lost opportunity? And outside of trying to answer basic questions such as “am I getting the best airfare possible?” or “does my travel policy reflect best practices?” are you viewing your corporate travel program through the lens of your broader business objectives? We understand that travel is one of the most significant spend categories within organizations today and has a measurable impact on your bottom line. Since our inception, KesselRun has built a solid reputation along with a growing list of clients by providing independent thought leadership around every aspect of corporate travel.

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