About KesselRun Consulting

KesselRun Corporate Travel Solutions is a management consulting firm that specializes in developing, managing, and optimizing corporate travel programs. The company was formed by professionals from the travel industry as well as traditional supply chain consultants as a result of growing demand among organizations to put better cost control and optimization metrics around their corporate travel programs.

Until recently, businesses had to rely solely on its information starved travel managers, procurement resources, or on its biased vendor relationships. And, while we’ll help answer your most important questions we’ll pose an even more important one: If your company is like most you spend a lot of money on travel.
But are you getting the most out of your travel program?

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Corporate Travel Program?

Beyond basic cost savings, can you benchmark lost opportunity? And outside of trying to answer basic questions such as “am I getting the best airfare possible?” or “does my travel policy reflect best practices?” are you viewing your corporate travel program through the lens of your broader business objectives? We understand that travel is one of the most significant spend categories within organizations today and has a measurable impact on your bottom line.

Since our inception, KesselRun has built a solid reputation along with a growing list of clients by providing independent thought leadership around every aspect of corporate travel.

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Meet Our Executive Team

Learn more about the Executive Team at KesselRun and contact us to discover how our corporate travel experts can help your company.

Brandon Strauss | Co-Founder and Partner

Michael Brennan | Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Krissy Herman | Vice President of Program Management

Erik Woodfolk | Director of Federal Programs and Services