What is NDC (New Distribution Channel)

New Distribution Capability, or NDC, is a new set of technology standards allowing airlines to distribute their “rich content,” i.e. their ancillary products and services, to their largest traveling population: business travelers. These new channels offer direct, or otherwise nontraditional, booking options for your corporate travelers, potentially shaking up how the business of corporate travel …

Why Now Is a Good Time to Review Your Corporate Travel Program

Originally Published on The Company Dime The dynamic world of corporate travel keeps all involved on their toes. It’s not just the nature of travel – delays, cancellations and a multitude of other complications. It’s also the business of travel. Travel management practitioners must consider how new processes, evolving supplier strategies and emerging technologies impact […]

How to Select the Best Business Expense Report Software

Technology promising easier solutions can be tempting, especially for a complex arena like business expense, which can consume significant time and labor for corporations large or small without the correct tool in place. From KesselRun’s years of experience assisting businesses with selection and implementation of expense management software, the key to selecting the best business […]

KesselRun In The News

Browse through some of the industry news and articles that feature KesselRun Consulting.   The Company Dime – ARC Data Showing Promise For Buyers Hospitality Net – ARCLabs Premieres New Solution for Corporate Travel Managers at GBTA 2013 The Company Dime – Brandon Strauss on Delta, The NRA and Playing Politics with Big Business RADIUS Partners with […]

3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Corporate Travel Policy

Corporate travelers will always have travel-related questions. How well does your business travel policy address these questions in advance? Like the old adage “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission,” enforcement of best-in-class travel practices is most difficult when it reaches the reimbursement stage before a flag is raised. If your business […]