Corporate Travel Management Tool

CapTrav Manage Corporate Travel PurchasesHere are a few questions we’ve put together to help you determine your next steps to improve your corporate travel program.

Are you 100% compliant with your travel agency?
Have you audited your travel agency and rogue spending recently?
Does your organization have 20% or more spend leakage through your corporate travel program?
Are you getting an independent audit of your corporate travel program?
What is your travel risk management plan? Is it included in your corporate travel policy?
Can you audit your corporate travel agency?
Can you audit the spend *not* going through your travel agency?
Have you completed an independent corporate travel audit?


If you cannot confidently answer these questions, it’s time to find a corporate travel tool to help your organization. See why CapTrav is a great tool for your corporate travel management team.


CapTrav Travel Technology for Corporate Travel