CapTrav is a New Strategic Technology Partnership of KesselRun

CapTrav Manage Corporate Travel PurchasesManage your corporate travel purchases more efficiently and effectively with CapTrav – our new travel technology. Procurement professionals are empowered to make the airline, hotel and car rental reservations anywhere you’d like and CapTrav will do the rest.


Procurement professionals are busier than ever – responsible for multiple spend categories If you’re like most, your travel program may be partially managed through a traditional travel agency but with a lot of air, car, and hotel expenditures being booked through disparate sources.


CapTrav’s mission is to enable corporate travel bookings through any channel, capture all of the booking data, and provide simple to use reporting and analytics that makes life easier for procurement while adding significant value to the program.

Easy to Use Reporting for any Procurement Professionals


Whether or not your company has a formal corporate travel program in place, CapTrav provides companies who are partially managed or completely unmanaged the perfect solution. Set up takes less than an hour, there are no contracts to sign, and you will enjoy the data, benchmarking, and analytics that will help you answer critical questions about your travel expenditures.


CapTrav Dashboard

Dashboard Report

View all of your pertinent travel spend in one simple report view.

CapTrav Top Cities Report

Top Cities

See where your travelers are booking at a glance.

CapTrav Traveler Report

Traveler Report

Know what your travelers are spending and where they are in the event of an emergency.

CapTrav Helps You Manage Your Corporate Travel Purchases


CapTrav helps the following procurement professionals manage their corporate travel purchases and get the data they need to make smart business travel decisions. It also helps you answer some of the following important travel-related questions:

  • How much is my company really spending on air, car, and hotel purchases?
  • Are we making good spending decisions?
  • Do we qualify for air, car, or hotel discounts? If so, would the discounts be meaningful?
  • Can we further leverage our buying power by capturing all of the booking sources my travelers are utilizing?
  • And more

How KesselRun and CapTrav Work Together

CapTrav is a new strategic technology parter of KesselRun. There has been a significant change in the corporate travel industry specific to distribution and corporate booking habits. CapTrav is an incredible opportunity to provide additional value to managed travel programs and introduce a new and smarter way to manage this complex spend category to those organizations exploring management options for the first time.

Learn more about CapTrav and what it means for the travel industry.


CapTrav Travel Technology for Corporate Travel